Our Services

Commercial Roofing

Set up a free consultation with one of our Commercial Solar Consultants. Our consultants will meet with you and evaluate your property’s energy needs. They will analyze your electric bill, educate you on how solar works, and explain all the financial incentives available to you.

Residential Roofing

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The beginning stage for each property holder considering sunlight based is to take a gander at their energy bills and perceive how much energy they consume consistently. For the majority of us, our energy use won’t be steady all year as we manage Wisconsin’s climate and emotional changes in seasons. Likewise, every house is unique. One home might have an electric heater which implies their energy bills spike in the colder time of year while another purposes generally electric cooling so their bills will spike in the warm late spring months.

Our Working Process



Set up a free conference and one of our sun based specialists will meet with you and assess your sun oriented needs. They will examine your electric bill and make sense of how sun oriented functions, alongside each of the monetary motivators of going sun based. Reach us to plan a free no-commitment discussion.



Once we understand your specific needs, preferences and details of your home, our experienced PV design team will create a custom solar solution.



Our in-house team of experienced and professional solar installers will install your system.



Solcelle Proffen plays out a quality control survey and goes to your neighborhood building division reviews. Our electric Master trades out your electrical meter and allows to work . Your Organizer will call you to plan our Sunlight based Magistrate to test and turn on your framework.

Need A Free Estimate?

Contact one of our sales team to get a free design of you home to see how the panels will look also to get estimate of how many panels you can fit on your property, Our team of experts are always on hand to help you with your solar needs.